I have been to Korea before.

I have been to Korea before. I became supposed to be Korean in Korea at Winter Sonata and became a living Hanryu. Korea is a country next to me, but I was surprised to hear that the word I thought was Japanese could be used in Korea! It is! For example, the term ""triangle relation"" means that the Korean language is nothing else. Perhaps the words from China are the same in both Korea and Japan, I think the words of reading are almost same. And then food culture. How to eat in Korea is ""to mix"", ""wrap up"" anyway. Bibimbap means ""Bibin"" is ""Mix"" and ""Ba"" means ""Rice"". So I do not understand why you mix up and mix what is beautifully packed when you translate literally, meaning ""mixed rice"", but Korean people seem to like it. In addition, wrapping familiar grilled meat with leafy vegetables like Sanche in wrapping culture. I am eating like that. It wraps everything. If you are sashimi, wrap it with pepper based on it, wrapped in soy sauce and eat it with wasabi. It is quite different. It is a lot of fun to know the surprising Korean culture alone with words and meals.

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